*mjn-SERAS Program is a campaign to make the mjn-SERAS medical product visible, with CE marking no. 685187, aimed at those who suffer from epilepsy. To participate in this campaign you must be of legal age or legal representative of a minor (participant). To be a beneficiary, the participant or the one on whose behalf they participate (in the case of minors) must meet the following requirements (cumulatively):

a) do the suitability tests sent by MJN NEUROSERVEIS S.L. and obtain, as a whole, a result of compatibility of 95% (or higher) of his epilepsy with the mjn-SERAS;

b) be one of the twenty (20) -included- to have completed section a);

c) sign the Contract provided by MJN NEUROSERVEIS S.L. for these purposes.

Beneficiaries will be granted the following benefits: the right to use the mjn-SERAS medical device for a limited period of six (6) months free of charge and its maintenance – also free of charge – for the first two (2) years. Once the first six (6) months have elapsed, set as the time limit for the use of the mjn-SERAS medical device free of charge, the beneficiary must inform MJN NEUROSERVEIS S.L. if he/she wishes to purchase the mjn-SERAS medical device at the price set on the website (with a reduction, due to its amortization) or prefers to repay it (at no cost to the beneficiary). Those participants who are not beneficiaries under the terms set, may purchase the mjn-SERAS medical device in accordance with the conditions set out on the website, without the benefits of this campaign.